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Trutrak Autopilots


Certified Autopilot Kits $4,800!

Cessna Approved: 172, 175, 177 & 182

Piper Approved: ALL PA-28's & 32's

Mooney Pending Approval: M20 expected by the end of 2019 (updated 4/25/2019)

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Bank Angle Select (if no GPS signal) Track Select
GPS Nav (Point to point type flight plans) GPSS (Roll steering commands) Vertical Speed Select
Altitude Hold
Altitude Select
Altitude Pre-Select
GPSV (LPV Approaches)
Control Wheel Steering

Emergency Level
AEP (Bank Angle Protection Mode)

Demo video's

Trutrak Vizion feature demo in a 172. 

Trutrak Vizion GPS / LPV approach