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JPI was one of the first products we started selling due to installing their products in our personal and customers aircraft.  Having an engine monitor to keep tabs on your expensive engine(s) increases safety and saves money on fuel and maintenance!  

About JPI

J.P.Instruments was founded in 1986 in Huntington Beach, California, USA. Its founder, Joseph Polizzotto, is now the current CEO. Joe was educated at Villanova University as a mechanical engineer, who started his career in the 1960’s at Pratt and Whitney Aircraft in East Hartford Connecticut.

There, he worked as a test engineer, measuring temperatures and pressures on jet aircraft engines. With the experience gained in thermocouple technology at Pratt and Whitney, he designed the Scanner™ in 1979, for his personal Cessna 172, which he purchased from Matatuck aviation.

Curious as to what his engine temperatures were, but unwilling to constantly rotate a switch to do so, the Scanner™ was developed along with the help of his Uncle, Joe Giannelli, and his current partner and VP at JPI, Larry Elbert.

Soon thereafter, when friends and fellow pilots saw the new instrument in the 172 plane for the first time, they all wanted one for themselves. Thus, several prototypes were built for friends, and JPI as a corporation, was born and took up its first office in Santa Ana, California.

Following the success of the Scanner™ came the EDM-500.™ The EDM-500™ was actually the predecessor to the EDM-700™ series, and in fact originated as an concept, while in the car on the way to Hollywood Florida, just before the “Sun n’ Fun” air show. However, the exact parameters as to how the EDM was going to record and display data took several years for its completion, in addition to a lot of customer and market input. In the meantime, the Classic Scanner ™ (which is still available for the budget conscious pilot) paid the bills and kept the company on its feet.

Nowadays, J.P. Instruments has added a whole line of reliable and cost effective aircraft instrumentation to its name. Among these are engine data management systems, fuel flow gauges, and GPS moving maps. Pilots and mechanics alike have come to know JPI for its high quality, good service, and utmost reliability.

We are committed to providing our customers with the absolute best products and service and we will go out of our way to make our customer’s satisfied. Customer service has become one of the most important aspects of our business and we want you to know that.

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