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General Aviation Sales & avionics / Trutrak autopilot dealer

Sales & Acquisition

Broker fees

  • Minimum Commission, sales price up to $115k - $3,000
  • Sales price up to $300k - 5%
  • Sales price from $300k to $600k - 3%
  • Sales Price above $600k -$1m 2%

Buyers Agent

$2,500 flat fee

We will arrange all aspects of the purchase including finding an aircraft that meets your specifications, inspection of the logs, a pre purchase inspection of the aircraft by an FAA certified shop with experience in the make and model, escrow, title search, financing, insurance, flight instruction and ferrying the aircraft. All costs and fees related to the sale are paid by the buyer.  In this capacity I only work for you, I will not collect any commission from the sale.